Membership Dues
To pay for membership please click the Paypal Donate Button below. Paypal accepts all types of payment. When processing your transaction please indicate whether your payment is for membership or donation.  If you prefer to pay by check please send an email to

The website would have to reflect the following:
    Initial Annual membership for new members: $40
    Annual renewal for current members: $25
    Lifetime Membership:

First Time Members: First time members need to first submit a membership application if you have not done so already.

Choose Type of Membership: Either Annual or Lifetime. Once you have chosen the type of membership, use the "Paypal Buy Now" Button to pay. Paypal accepts all types of payment. You do not need an account.

Or Pay by Check: If you prefer to pay by check please mail a check to Treasurer,
94 Utah Meadows Road, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
New Members first year $40

*Annual renewal $25
Lifetime Membership (One-Time Payment)
Annual Membership (Pay on an Annual Basis)
For members less than 60 years of age: $350

For members 60-70 years of age: $250

For members 70 or more years of age: $150
* Annual renewal is due in January. If you paid your new member dues in Oct-Dec of the preceding year, you will not have to pay your renewal for the following year. After that initial year, dues are due each January.
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