2-28, Field Artillery, Bleidorn Kaserne, Ansbach Germany, US Army, Howitzer, M109, Grafenwehr, 2 28, Hohenfels,
28th Field Artillery Regiment Association
We Support the Line

President and Chairman of the Board: Tommy Houston President@28fara.org

Description-Provides Leadership to the Board of Directors, fiduciary responsibilities.

1st Vice President/XO: Bill Dunham 1stVP@28fara.org Description: Works as #2 for the Board, Chief of Staff for the Board and Chairs critical committees.

2nd Vice President/OPS: Dave Mohan 2ndVP@28fara.org

Serves as Operations leader for the board, Chairs critical committees

Treasurer: John Williams Treasurer@28fara.org

Financial and accounting responsibilities.

Secretary: Tom Stecher Secretary@28fara.org Keeper of the Membership Rolls, Coordinates Board Meetings, Maintains Association records

Sr NCO Board at Large: Command Sergeant Major Keith Young CSM@28fara.org Represents the NCOs of the Battalion to the Board, Chairs the membership Committee

Enlisted Board at Large: Rod Lindgren Enlisted1@28fara.org and Frank McCook Enlisted2@28fara.org. Represents the E-4 and below to the Board of Directors, Co-Chairs the membership Committee

Other Contacts:

Veterans Affairs Officer (Currently looking for new rep)

Board of Directors
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Access the Members Only pages of our website: Go to Membership, Members Only, then Login or “sign up for a new account here”. New accounts are activated once paid membership is verified (3-5 days). The Members Only page gives you full access to the membership roster, pictures and the 28thFARA Newsletters. The roster is updated monthly.
Pay Dues: Go to Membership, Membership Dues, then choose the appropriate yearly renewal or lifetime membership purchase. You can either use Paypal or you can mail a check to our Treasurer.
Login-Password Reset: If you forgot your Members Only password, or want to change it, go to Membership, Login-Password Services, and follow the instructions.
Roster Information Updates: If you want to update your personal roster information, go to Membership, Join the 28FARA, Application, then enter your last, first name update (for example: Jones, Bob update), email address and then any other information that needs changing, click submit. You can also email your updates to CIO@28fara.org.
If you have any questions, comments or are having technical difficulties with our website that require putting steel on the target, you can contact George Hardin the Chief Information Officer at CIO@28fara.org
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